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Inspiring and Empowering Ladies in IT

We Grow Together

Whether you’re considering a career or established in IT, you will find information, resources, and events to help you grow your career.

We Go Further

Unlock your potential and ultimately achieve your career goals by striving to further develop yourself every day.

Fostering A Better Self

Take responsibility for your development and actively pursue coaching and training to improve yourself personally and professionally.

Who We Are (LiIT)

Lolita Preston founded Ladies in IT in 2019 to help entry and mid-career women advance their careers by providing coaching and development from executives across all areas of technology.

LiIT offers Professional Development & Training workshops, Career Coaching, Networking Events, and LiIT Talks from IT Experts in Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Messaging and Collaboration, Change and Project Management.


LiIT membership is free, so join us where you will have access to virtual and in-person professional development and training workshops, career coaching, and networking events.


Partner with Pearl Consulting Group and become a leader in the recruitment, development, and retention of Ladies in IT. You will benefit from this partnership in three ways:


Leverage our platform and access a community of women of color to support your recruiting efforts. Provide a view of your culture behind the scenes and the type of people they could expect to work within your organization.


Be recognized as a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion by investing in training and development programs, mentoring, and coaching which provide career advancement opportunities.


Fortify your retention efforts by spotlighting underrepresented leaders to your entire organization. Demonstrate your commitment to walking the talk by ensuring a level playing field within your organization.

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